Here you will find useful links to articles and videos which may help you on your pregnancy and HypnoBirthing journey. To learn more about pregnancy in Singapore, visit here. Below are also a list of the most recommended practitioners in various fields of pregnancy, birthing and parenting.


HypnoBirthing Water Birth at Home – UK

Opening Blossom – rose opening set to music, fantastic for visualisation

Birth Animation – see how the process of birth actually occurs

Baby positioning Imagery

Visualisation has an important role in building confidence and influencing outcomes in HypnoBirthing. These images nicely demonstrate the difference between occiput anterior (OA) position which we want for birthing and occiput posterior (OP) which we do not want for birthing. If using visualisation to turn a breech baby, ensure you are using the OA image.

oa op

Images from


There are many people offering their services in pre and post natal care in Singapore. I have taken some of the load off going through recommendations to bring you a list of the most frequently recommended people and businesses. Please note that these are not all personal recommendations so I cannot vouch for their services, however others have. I am not receiving kick backs or commission from any of these people I promise.


The Osteopathic Centre – three branches across Singapore. Pre and post natal, baby services. Very useful for pelvic and associated pains during pregnancy. Personally I visited twice due to debilitating pelvic pain and was fixed in just two sessions with Charlotte.

Kirsten Hannan – Singapore Osteopath 


Dr Janelle Dong – Websters breech turn

Dr Soni at Spinal Balance

Dr Shara at Asia Chiropractic


Ina Niemann

Aegle Wellness

Dr Chiang at Chiang Acupuncture details here


Hands and Feet at Siglap. Great prenatal reflexology session. 60 mins for less than $50. I visited twice at the end of my second pregnancy. The evening of my ssecond session I went into labour. Who knows whether this was coincidence or not but it was really nice regardless!!

Ashi Reflexology at Holland Village

Antenatal Yoga

YogaInc LogoYoga Inc have dedicated prenatal classes and teachers are happy to have pregnant women join their normal classes and provide adjustments

kpy Kate Porter Yoga no specific prenatal yoga class but teachers are happy to have pregnant women join their normal classes and provide adjustments

Massage services

Recommended practitioners of Jamu wrap and postnatal massage services. Packages range from 5-14 days and cost from $335 for a 5 day package to $1160 for a 14 day package.

Portia Celestial from $440 (5 days)

Niks Bodywork from $490 (7 days)

Babies Bellies from $335 (5 days)

Seirra  HP 91090584 from $340 (5 days)

I have personally engaged the services of Seirra for post natal massage and wrap. Seirra made me feel at ease and is clearly very skilled and knowledgeable. She has been performing this type of massage for 16 years.

Lina HP 97569410 from $650 (7 days)


Tania Grose-Hodge 96718428 email or see first steps doulas on Facebook

Johanna Wagner 97957949 or via bumpwise on facebook

Deanna Kearns HP 90227504

Miranda Engstrom HP 84308917

Sleep Consultants

petite dreamersLouise Duncan at Petite Dreamers

sg supernannyZoe at SG Supernanny

More useful information can be found in our media reports page here.

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