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Welcome to My Hypnobirthing Baby #2

thalia handSo it would hardly be fair for a hypnobirthing teacher to not share her experience with her readers.

I am a proud mummy to my second little hypnobaby Thalia born early on Saturday morning. She was 40 (+5) gestation and I was being as patient as I could be for her to make her arrival in her own time. She’d been giving me many fake-outs and misleading signals for weeks and I suspected she would come fast when she chose to enter the world (her brother took 7 hours).

So around 9.30 friday night I had what I believed to be my birth show, no blood. About 2 hours later I experienced mild cramping and went to the bathroom. A little pop and my waters released gently. I experienced a mild but obvious surge and another 15 mins later. I called the hospital (NUH) midwife team and they advised me to come when I wanted, to trust my body. I packed my last few bits and despite planning to wait until surges were regular and 10 mins apart (hospital 15 miles from home, second baby) and take a taxi something told us to just drive then and there. My next surge was 10 mins after the last then 9 mins after that. We arrived at NUH after I’d experienced a different type of surge with pressure much lower and an urge to breathe down. A kind security man wheeled me to the ward and I was taken to the water delivery suite. I had my husband put on the Rainbow relaxation and less than 15 mins later my daughter was out 5 mins after jumping in the tub. She beat the OB there and they mentioned that she was born Occiput Posterior (OP) which are generally longer and more complicated deliveries – if she’d been Occiput anterior she’d likely have been born in the car.

Babies Experience and Remember

There is a growiNatural Water Birthng body of evidence suggesting that babies in utero are conscious beings developing emotional, psychologically and even psychically as well as physically. One of the pioneers of this research was Dr David Chamberlain a psychologist from the USA  who started performing hypnosis on his patients in the 1970s to discover and resolve issues relating to trauma they experienced during birthing. His work highlighted many important discoveries about prenatal experiences and how these shape and affect us as human beings in later life. The link below takes you to a fantastic article called “Babies Remember Birth” but they also have awareness of the prenatal period so always be aware of the environment and stimuli you are exposing this little person to whilst they are still on the inside. Babies want to be stimulated while in utero, they love to hear your voice chatting and especially singing, and babies aren’t Simon Cowell, they love your singing voice no matter what the general public might think to it. If you can’t face singing out loud to your baby try playing some music, different babies have different tastes. Our little guy was exposed to a fair bit of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Green Day as well as some classical to provide diversity, they may let you know which they prefer. Play games with your baby – tapping, stroking, rubbing and even lightly squeezing often encourage response from your little one or ones. Changes in lighting and temperature are also known to elicit responses. Have other important members of your family involved too – dad, partner, siblings and grandparents.

These activities promote a feeling of contentment and security in the baby in contrast to babies who are exposed to stress, shouting and disturbing sounds in whom raised heart rates have been recorded. Studies have suggested that babies who are engaged in utero are often calmer and happier and even that fewer premature births and low weight births are observed.

Of course it would be remiss of me to write all this down and not give a reminder that the birth experience itself can imprint itself on us as babies and affect us throughout our lives. HypnoBirthing classes will help to prepare you for a calmer and more gentle birth experience filled with endorphins and oxytocin rather than adrenaline and other stress hormones. Although nobody can guarantee you any birthing experience HypnoBirthing gives you and your baby the best opportunity for a natural, drug-free and calm birth and regardless if you require epidural, forceps or c-section on the day you can feel empowered to make these decisions and remain calm throughout.

babies-remember-birth (1

For more information about pregnancy in Singapore and your options please see our dedicated page.

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