Testimonials for Rowan at Zama Birthing

“I honestly believe the advice she gave me before giving birth to Thea helped make my birthing experience calm and special (and quick!) I would encourage all my pregnant friends and family to look into HypnoBirthing” Bethany Thomas, UK

“Throughout a big part of my pregnancy, I was very fearful of the end – labour pains and birth of my baby. The thought of it terrifies me. I decided to try out hypno-birthing because I was very keen to manage my fear of labour, and I wanted to do that via a more natural route. Rowan was a gem – she was patient and empathetic, and this course slowly did what I thought was almost impossible – it changed my mindset from wanting a totally medicated birth (give the epidural to me instantly!), to actually considering a fully natural birth. I took an epidural in the end because the birth was going a lot longer than I had wanted, and I didn’t know how long more it was going to take. However, I entered my labour feeling calm and confident, and I birthed my baby with the same calm and confidence 33 hours later, and I didn’t feel as tired as people would expect. Overall, it was such a positive birthing experience and I am very grateful I learnt all the techniques from hypno-birthing to achieve this. I would definitely recommend this course. ” Katherine Kee, Singapore

“My husband and I joined Rowan for hypnobirthing classes early this year. Truly a fantastic experience -Rowan made the sessions not only informative and interesting but also inspiring and empowering. The sessions helped us prepare for the birth. The learnings were invaluable and during birth helped us stay calm, focused and in a good strong mindset. Would definitely recommend Rowan to any couples that want to get the most out of their birth experience.” Katie Kidd, Singapore

“My husband and I attended Rowan’s Hypnobirthing classes to prepare for the arrival of our first baby. We wanted to be informed about the labour and birth process in an environment that supports natural birth, as well as learn relaxation techniques to help us achieve this.

Rowan’s classes were interesting and reassuring, and her approach to the Hypnobirthing method was balanced – she shared lots of practical information as well as the hypnobirthing techniques. The classes also prepare the husband/birth partner for their role in supporting the mother during labour and birth which we really appreciated.

Rowan encouraged us to create a birth plan and gave advice on what we might want to consider and discuss in advance. This helped us to build confidence in our decisions and take control of our birth experience.

When it came to the birth, it was definitely challenging and I used the breathing techniques and affirmations to focus. Neither of us felt scared, and we had a very positive experience throughout – and a gorgeous baby girl at the end.

I’d recommend Rowan’s Hypnobirthing class to anyone looking for an empowering perspective on birthing, particularly nervous first time parents like us!” Fiona Pawera, Singapore

Read more accounts of birthing experiences with HypnoBirthing at http://www.hypnobirthing-uk.com

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