What is HypnoBirthing all about?What is HypnoBirthing
Hypnobirthing; the Mongan Method was devised by Marie Mongan in the USA for families looking for natural birth. Since its creation it has been gathering support and rave reviews across the globe and even here in Singapore.

HypnoBirthing is a technique intended for women to use during pregnancy and birth. It is a complete childbirth education program teaching women and their birth partners how to call upon their natural birth instincts. Course content includes;

  • anatomy & physiology
  • nutrition
  • positions for birthing
  • deep relaxation
  • breathing  for surges and birthing
  • self hypnotherapy techniques
  • writing a birth plan

Birthing is a natural physiological process. The muscles in our bodies generally are able to do their job without causing pain and discomfort to us so why would birthing be any different? When you see animals laboring do they howl and demand an epidural? It is known that fear and tension cause the release of catecholamines which cause the birthing body to go into ‘freeze’ mode, often resulting in longer labors with slower progression. Using self-hypnosis techniques during labour the body is able to totally relax and allow the muscles of the uterus to function as intended while stimulating the release of natural endorphins which reduce discomfort and promote feelings of peace and tranquility.

HypnoBirthing is taught over 12 hours in four 2.5 to 3 hour long sessions. Generally parents start the course sometime in their second trimester of pregnancy (around 24-30 weeks) to ensure the classes are completed prior to term and allowing plenty of time to practice the relaxation techniques.

Benefits of HypnoBirthing Reported

  • Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain syndrome during pregnancy, birthing and beyond meaning a calm and relaxed birthing experience for mum, partner and baby
  • Gives pregnant women confidence in their body and its ability to give birth naturally
  • Reduces the need for drugs, epidural, episiotomy and surgical intervention
  • Lessens the fatigue experienced during birthing leaving mother feeling more energized and ready to meet her baby
  • Considerably shorter labour and birthing experience. Also time during labour is often perceived to go faster.
  • Facilitates bonding between mother, baby and birth partner before and after birthing
  • Brings the birth partner to the forefront of birthing by providing a clear and necessary role
  • Reduces and even eliminate the “baby blues”
  • Often happier and calmer babies with higher Apgar scores (a test performed immediately after birth and again 5 minutes later in some healthcare systems), better eating and sleeping routines

Whether you are  a first time mum, a seasoned professional birther or wanting a VBAC this technique is for you. Remember studying HypnoBirthing antenatal classes does not prevent you from using other birthing techniques such as water birth, active birth and having doula support.

Visit the Institute at http://www.hypnobirthing.com/for more information or for birth videos click here

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