Birth using hypnobirthing

Birth in a calm & natural way using HypnoBirthing

What is HypnoBirthing all about? Hypnobirthing; the Mongan Method was devised by Marie Mongan in the USA for families looking for natural birth. Since its creation it has been gathering support and rave reviews across the globe and even here

Zama Birthing

About Zama HypnoBirthing

Zama Birthing – HypnoBirthing® taught by a certified Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing Practitioner in Singapore. Hi my name is Rowan and I am a qualified Mongan Method HypnoBirthing Practitioner affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute (check my registration details here). I am

HypnoBirthing Certified Practitioner

Class Information

Classes take place in the east coast of Singapore or in your own home. At Zama the HypnoBirthing class schedule is taught over four 3 hour long sessions Classes are conducted in one of two ways Group HypnoBirthing Classes In groups of up

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Contact Us

We would love to hear from you, whether it is to book a HypnoBirthing class, ask a question about HypnoBirthing, give your experiences of HypnoBirthing or pregnancy and birthing in Singapore. In the mean time class information can be found here. You can

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Inspiring and Empowering

"My husband and I joined Rowan for hypnobirthing classes early this year. Truly a fantastic experience -Rowan made the sessions not only informative and interesting but also inspiring and empowering. The sessions helped us prepare for the birth. The learnings were invaluable and during birth helped us stay calm, focused and in a good strong mindset. Would definitely recommend Rowan to any couples that want to get the most out of their birth experience."

Katie Kidd, Singapore
Zama Pregnant Singapore

Pregnancy and Birthing in Singapore

Whether you have just found out you’re pregnant in Singapore or have moved here during your pregnancy you will want to know how it all works here to help make your plans. Singapore maternity care is handled by an Obstetrician

Frequently Asked Questions

Any other questions? Please get in touch I am scared of hypnosis. Will I be made to do anything embarrassing? Hypnotherapy helps you reach deeply relaxed state which can be safely achieved by all with practice and a desire to

HypnoBirthing in the media

Media Reports

Over the past few years HypnoBirthing has begun receiving more and more media attention for its positive effects on the birthing experience both overseas and here at home in Singapore. Reports and interviews from celebrity  HypnoBirthing mums and real life mums